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Cyber-Crime Advice

Recently in Australia, there have been victims of conveyancing fraud resulting in purchasers loosing nearly 1 million dollars to cyber-crime in South Australia alone. The issue is currently being investigated and the Australian Institute of Conveyancers has released guidelines to protect parties to transactions.

As a party to a property transaction, there may be circumstances where your conveyancer will require you to deposit funds into their trust account. Sadly, the industry has been attacked by fraudsters intercepting conveyancers email accounts, changing the contents of the email and requesting money to be deposited into accounts that are not the conveyancers trust account.

Our advice to all, is to be vigilant about emails that contain bank account details or request personal information from you. If you receive an email of this kind, no matter how legitimate it looks or who it is signed by or comes from, ensure you contact your conveyancer directly to report. It is also recommended that you only use a phone number that you have previously been provided (not as stated in the email) or look their phone number up in a directory or on the internet. It is also recommended that you do not take instructions over the phone unless you are confident that you are speaking to your conveyancer or an employee from their company.

If you are ever in doubt about an email, you should never click on a link or reply to an email.

Robbins Conveyancing will not change our advice on this issue unless it is communicated in a posted letter or verbally over the phone, personally by your conveyancer or an employee.

You can read more in cyber-crime in this ABC release.

Lauren Robbins–¬† Director/Registered Conveyancer