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A Caveat is a legal document that is lodged when a person has an unregistered interest in real estate. Caveats used to prevent further dealings with the property until the interest is registered. Registered interests are always given priority over unregistered interests, therefore a Caveat is needed to protect or warn other parties that there are unregistered Caveats Adelaideinterests that affect that property. You must have a real connection with the property to be able to lodge a caveat. Some examples of Caveatable interests can include an unregistered mortgage and leases, a contract for the purchase and sale of land that is yet to settle, beneficiary to a will and contributions to a relationship.

Robbins Conveyancing can prepare and advise on the need for Caveats to ensure your rights are protected and can lodge all documentation through the Lands Titles Office in Adelaide. Contact us for further information.