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Private Contracts:

At Robbins Conveyancing we specialise in facilitating a smooth transaction between private sellers and buyers. If you have found a buyer for your property and would like to conduct the sale privately, we can prepare a private contract for you and the purchaser to sign as well as advise on the contractual obligations within. Robbins Conveyancing can also organise preparation and service of the Form 1 Vendor’s Disclosure Statement and follow the contract through it’s natural progress from the initial instructions to fulfillment of conditions and final completion at settlement. We can also conduct the transfer on your behalf. We offer fixed fee services and have a reputation for excelling in the field of private contracts. See also Residential Buying & Selling.

Private contracts

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About our conveyancer- My Connect

Robbins Conveyancing utilise the services of MyConnect who can arrange for the transfer of your utilities such as Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephone, Internet and Pay TV, so that when you move into your new house in Adelaide you are all ready to go. It will save you substantial time sitting on the phone on hold and it is 100% Australian based, so no overseas callers. It is a completely free of charge service. About our conveyancer- First Title

Robbins Conveyancing are affiliated with First Title insurance who offer insurance cover to protect property owners against hidden legal and title based problems in Adelaide that you may not know about when purchasing a property. For example, where illegal or unapproved structures have been built, where the boundary line with your neighbors is incorrect, protection against identity theft or fraud or to remove encroachments on your land. 


About our conveyancer- ID Secure


IDSecure is a market leader in providing a complete online Verification of Identity (VOI) solution to firms involved in Australian property transactions, to help them easily and seamlessly verify the identity of their clients in line with legislative requirements.

We are located in Blackwood and offer flexible appointments statewide to service all of Adelaide and South Australia.