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Residential buying & selling

When buying or selling property there are many complicated transactions that need to take place. We can take care of all the legal aspects for you. Some of our services include certifying legal documents, conducting relevant searches, liaising with banks, government bodies and all other parties, providing advice on what you need to do to protect your new investment. Read More…

Form 1 preparation

When you are selling your property, the vendor is responsible for providing a Form 1 Vendor’s Disclosure Statement to the purchaser so that they can be fully aware of what is hidden behind the bricks and mortar. This is a document that contains certain details about the property being sold. Read More…

Private contracts

If you have found a buyer for your property and would like to conduct the sale privately, we can prepare all of the legal documentation and guide you through the process Read More…

Land divisions

Land division can be a complex and long process. We can arrange all the necessary preparation and lodging of applications and all other necessary paperwork to ensure your experience is stress free. Read More…

Retail & Commercial leasing

Most business that conduct business from a shop or office do so under a lease from a separate owner. Read More…

Residential leasing

Often landlords will manage a property themselves, avoiding the need for a property manager. In these circumstances a rental agreement may be require. Read More…

Family/Matrimonial transfers

We can help you to transfer property between family members and other third parties. Read More…


A Caveat is a legal document that is lodged when a person has an unregistered interest in real estate. It is used to prevent further dealings with the property until the interest is registered.Read More…

Flexible meeting times

Robbins Conveyancing also understand that it is not always convenient to meet during business hours. On of our key services is that we if we need to meet with you, we can arrange a mutually convenient time and place.

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Robbins Conveyancing proudly support and promote the services of:


Our services- My Connect

Robbins Conveyancing utilise the services of MyConnect who can arrange for the transfer of your utilities such as Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephone, Internet and Pay TV, so that when you move into your new house you are all ready to go. It will save you substantial time sitting on the phone on hold and it is 100% Australian based, so no overseas callers. It is a completely free of charge service. Our services- First Title

Robbins Conveyancing are affiliated with First Title insurance who offer insurance cover to protect property owners against hidden legal and title based problems that you may not know about when purchasing a property. For example, where illegal or unapproved structures have been built, where the boundary line with your neighbours is incorrect, protection against identity theft or fraud or to remove encroachments on your land. 


Our services- ID Secure


IDSecure is a market leader in providing a complete online Verification of Identity (VOI) solution to firms involved in Australian property transactions, to help them easily and seamlessly verify the identity of their clients in line with legislative requirements.