Purchasing at Auction in South Australia

Purchasing at auction can seem like a daunting process, however if you are prepared and ensure that you have taken all the necessary steps prior to auction day, the process can be smooth, stress free and perhaps even exciting! Following the below steps are essential...

Cyber Hackers – the facts

Masterchef finalist robbed Recently there has been a great deal of focus in the news on Cyber Hackers and criminals attacking property transactions. Last week Masterchef finalist Dani Venn’s family made the headlines when their conveyancers PEXA (Property Exchange...

The buyer’s risk – why the purchaser should take out insurance

Under a standard form Contract of Sale, the buyer’s risk of the property passes to the Purchaser from the time the Contract is entered into. What this means for the buyer is that they need to take out insurance on the property immediately to protect their new...

What is Verification of Identity (VOI)?

Any person buying or selling property must undertake what is called a Verification of Identity (VOI) process with their Conveyancer. This is usually one of the first of many steps that are carried out in the process of buying or selling. As Conveyancers, it is a...

Form 1 Preparation

Robbins Conveyancing specialise in Form 1 preparation. When you are selling your property, the vendor is responsible for providing a Form 1 Vendor’s Disclosure Statement to the purchaser so that they can be fully aware of what is hidden behind the bricks and mortar.

The Form 1 is a document that contains certain details about the property being sold and is an important part of the conveyancing process. It is required under section 7 of the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994.

Form 1 Preparation, Robbins Conveyancing
Form 1 Preparation, Robbins Conveyancing

Robbins Conveyancing are located in Belair, servicing all of Adelaide and statewide.

The document will include the details of the parties to the land and the transaction, the purchaser’s cooling off rights, a statement by or on behalf of the vendor and a certification by or on behalf of the agent as to the particulars contained in the document.

The substance of the Form 1 is a table containing all the details about any mortgages, charges, encumbrances and other prescribed matters that affect the property and title which should be brought to the attention of the purchaser.

Form 1 Experts

How we can help

If you are selling your house in Adelaide, or are a real estate agent needing a Form 1 prepared for your vendor, Robbins Conveyancing, located in Belair and servicing all of Adelaide and Statewide, can order all necessary government prescribed searches and prepare the Form 1 on your behalf as part of the conveyancing process. Robbins Conveyancing have a fixed fee for preparation and if you use our registered Adelaide conveyancers to finalise your settlement, you will not need to pay for the Form 1 preparation and searches until settlement.

Form 1 search authority

To get started and order your Form 1, please follow the below link to complete your Vendor Questionnaire. Once we have your Form 1 ready, we will be in touch with you to go through the next steps.

Other Services

House in Adelaide, South Australia

Residential buying & selling

We handle the many complicated transactions involved when buying or selling residential property


Family transfers

We can help transfer property between family members and third parties during family or matrimonial transfers

Commercial Leasing

Our conveyancers can assist with the preparation and execution of your business’ lease for your shop or office

Land Division

We will work with your surveyor to ensure your subdivision is achieved efficiently and as quickly as possible


Private contracts

We specialise in facilitating a smooth transaction between private sellers and buyers



We can prepare and advise on the need for Caveats to ensure your rights are protected and can lodge all documentation

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Robbins Conveyancing utilise the services of MyConnect who can arrange for the transfer of your utilities such as Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephone, Internet and Pay TV, so that when you move into your new house in Adelaide you are all ready to go. It will save you substantial time sitting on the phone on hold and it is 100% Australian based, so no overseas callers. It is a completely free of charge service. 

First Title

Robbins Conveyancing are affiliated with First Title insurance who offer insurance cover to protect property owners against hidden legal and title based problems in Adelaide that you may not know about when purchasing a property. For example, where illegal or unapproved structures have been built, where the boundary line with your neighbors is incorrect, protection against identity theft or fraud or to remove encroachments on your land.

ID Secure

IDSecure is a market leader in providing a complete online Verification of Identity (VOI) solution to firms involved in Australian property transactions, to help them easily and seamlessly verify the identity of their clients in line with legislative requirements.

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