Purchasing at Auction in South Australia

Purchasing at auction can seem like a daunting process, however if you are prepared and ensure that you have taken all the necessary steps prior to auction day, the process can be smooth, stress free and perhaps even exciting! Following the below steps are essential...

Cyber Hackers – the facts

Masterchef finalist robbed Recently there has been a great deal of focus in the news on Cyber Hackers and criminals attacking property transactions. Last week Masterchef finalist Dani Venn’s family made the headlines when their conveyancers PEXA (Property Exchange...

The buyer’s risk – why the purchaser should take out insurance

Under a standard form Contract of Sale, the buyer’s risk of the property passes to the Purchaser from the time the Contract is entered into. What this means for the buyer is that they need to take out insurance on the property immediately to protect their new...

What is Verification of Identity (VOI)?

Any person buying or selling property must undertake what is called a Verification of Identity (VOI) process with their Conveyancer. This is usually one of the first of many steps that are carried out in the process of buying or selling. As Conveyancers, it is a...

Form 1 Search Authority

The form below allows you to complete your Vendor questionnaire, choose your service options and make payment via credit card.

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Your details
Vendor details

If there are more than two vendors, please only provide the details of the two main contacts:

Agency details
Property details

I/We instruct Robbins Forms to order all necessary searches and prepare the Form 1 Disclosure Statement for the sale contract as required under the current legislation and to deliver a Form 1 to the authorised agent for them to serve upon the Purchaser. By providing these instructions & signing the completed Form 1 document, I/we are confirming that I/we are the registered owner(s) of the above land. I/we acknowledge that I/we are required to complete and sign the Form 1 Questionnaire and Payment Authority on this page and provide any relevant information in relation to the land to Robbins Forms for completion of the Form 1 on my/our behalf. I/we acknowledge that this is an irrevocable order for payment to Robbins Forms and includes fees, charges and expenses for preparation and any searches ordered. I/we acknowledge that where I/we have not selected to pay the “deferred payment fee” of $55, I/we understand that full payment is due upon completion of this form. Where I/we have elected to engage Robbins Conveyancing as my/our conveyancer to complete settlement, and pay the $55 “deferred payment fee” and sufficient funds are available on completion of settlement I/we acknowledge that Robbins Forms will deduct the fees, charges and expenses from the funds. If a tax invoice is delivered due to insufficient funds at the time of settlement or where settlement does not take place within 90 days of preparation of the Form 1, I/we acknowledge that payment is to be made within 7 days of the date of invoice. If the tax invoice remains unpaid, I/we acknowledge that Robbins Forms reserve the right to take credit action. I/we acknowledge that Robbins Forms reserve the right at all times to suspend action on this matter if these arrangements have not been followed.

I/We wish to defer the cost of these payments to either 90 days from the date that the searches are ordered or until settlement, whichever is the earlier. I/We understand that a deferred payment fee of $55 will be applicable.
I/We confirm that we are engaging Robbins Conveyancing to act as our Conveyancer for the sale of this property. Please contact me/us to discuss the process.
I/We confirm that we would like Robbins Conveyancing to contact us to provide a quote for conveyancing services
Service Options

The following fees and charges are applicable. Payment is required via credit card at the time of submission, except for deferred payments.

Requested servicePlease select one of the following options:
Requested service (deferred payment)Please select one of the following options:

NOTE: All search costs are valid from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022. Please note that additional professional fees, disbursements and verification of identity charges are applicable for the transfer of land once the Contract of Sale is executed.

Vendor Questionnaire
Has there been any transactions affecting the title in the last 12 months? This includes completed contracts, options, assignments or documents noting a death.
Are there any unregistered leases or licenses (including residential tenancies)?
Are there any unregistered loans or mortgages?
Are there any unregistered rights of way?
Are you aware of any fences that are not on the true boundaries?
Are you aware of any encroachments of any structure over the boundaries?
Are you aware of any encroachments of any structures on any easements or rights of way?
Are there any orders for works?
Are there any notices for adjoining owners or councils for future building works?
Have you received any legal action or Notice?
Are there any Court or Tribunal proceedings underway?
Are there any current building works?
Is there any building indemnity insurance for building works?
Is there a commercial building on the land (not residential) that contains asbestos?
Are there any improvements on the property which do not have relevant consents and council approval? (e.g. pergolas, verandahs, extensions, fences, sheds, outbuildings, etc)
Does any spa or swimming pool located on the land comply with current safety regulations?
Have you been advised of the presence of Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding (ACP) on the exterior of the building?
Is there a tree declared to be a significant tree or a stand of trees declared to be significant trees on the land?

Are you aware of any of the following (other than domestic activities) having taken place on the land?

Manufacturing activity
Keeping of dangerous substances
Distribution of chemicals or fuels
Disposal or management of waste materials or contaminated land fill imported from another site
Any environmental assessment since you purchased the land
Any environmental assessment before you purchased the land
Any other relevant activity that may be relevant to either acts?
Has any notice under the Livestock Act 1997 been made that affects presently or prospectively the enjoyment of the land or any order been issued to the Vendor in relation to the land or any building on the land?
Have you been issued a Water Licence or Water Allocation?
Is the Water Licence or entitlement to be transferred to the purchaser at settlement?
Is the land a Strata unit or Community Title?
Is there common property insurance?
Are you aware of any breaches by anyone of the Strata Rules/Community Corporation By-Laws?
SA Water Rates & Council Notice
I/we will attach a copy of my/our SA Water Rates notice and Council Rates notice, noting I/we as the owners of the above-named property.

If you do not provide these documents now, you will be required to provide them prior to completion of the Form 1.

IMPORTANT: Please note that it is essential that we receive a copy of your most recent SA Water and Council Rates notice for the property.

This Form 1 Vendor's Disclosure Statement requires the Vendor/s signature. Please indicate your preferred method of signature:
Acknowledgment by Vendor(s)

I/we acknowledge that all information provided above is true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge and that I/we have made all necessary enquiries to complete this Form and Vendor Questionnaire. I/we are aware that I/we may be liable for any incorrect or false information and that it may prejudice any potential Contract for the sale of the said property. I/we also acknowledge that I/we have read the terms and conditions on your website ( and by returning this form, it is deemed to be signed instructions for ordering searches, and agree to payment of your invoice, completing the Form 1 documentation and providing the completed Form 1 to my agent. I/we acknowledge that Robbins Conveyancing Group Pty Ltd has prepared the Form 1 in accordance with the Vendor’s Instructions and the government searches at the time of signing Part D of the Form 1. Robbins Conveyancing Group cannot be held liable for amendments to legislation and changes to the government searches or information provided by the Vendor between the time of signing the Form 1 and serving the Form 1. I/we undertake to advise Robbins Conveyancing Group Pty Ltd if there are any changes to the information disclosed in this Form or the Vendor Questionnaire.

Signature/sOnly one vendor is required to sign
Vendor/s sign here
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